Advertising! As donations have declined and more Google ads are being blocked, I started looking at alternative sources to fund the website. One area I looked at was a subscription based service (free to use base functions and save one list, $2/month or $20/year to get all the functions and save 100 lists or more). Instead, I've decided to try out direct advertising for a few months. Previously I only accepted direct ads from CGR Painters (who painted some of my miniatures in exchange for the ad), and (who sent me some of their MDF kits in exchange). I am now going to allow any (relevant to the hobby) paid advertising for the next few months to see if there is an interest that will help cover costs. The exact size, fit, and location may change with feedback. I am currently placing three ads at the top of each page, which will not appear on the printouts. As 50% of the traffic is on mobile devices, keeping the ads (unseen) at the previous location at the bottom of the page would, of course, not be valuable to advertisers. Please email me your thoughts on this change, and any requests for advertising (retailers, Kickstarters, tournaments, blogs, etc.) Thank you.

New feature! Output as cards. In View page, select "Print Cards" from the Output drop-down, then select either "PDF" or "Email". Also added options to page break before Specials and Pick List.

NEW Bolt Action Errata, FAQ, and New Unit PDF

Bolt Action 2nd Edition index by The Demo Gamers
It's back!! The Where is it? page. Find books/selectors for given unit.

22 Dec 20 - New feature! Output locked list as json data.
22 Dec 20 - New feature! Output list as cards.
06 Jul 20 - Campaign Stalingrad units and selectors added.
22 Apr 20 - Lock list/Share URL added in View Output drop-down. Friends can view list with URL (until list is Unlocked).
22 Apr 20 - German Infrared Panther, Uhu, and NatchjÀgers from Armies of Germany (page 105) added to selectors.
22 Apr 20 - All new selectors from Fortress Budapest added.

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