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New!! The Where is it? page is now available to find books/selectors for a given unit as well as items.
Where is it? page by item (Infantry with Rifle/15 CWT Truck.
Where is it? page by unit (Gurkha Paratroops/Mongolian Cavalry Troop).

Italy: Soft Underbelly and Mariana & Palau Islands selectors completed!

New feature! Output as cards. In View page, select "Print Cards" from the Output drop-down, then select either "PDF" or "Email". Also added options to page break before Specials and Pick List.

NEW Bolt Action Errata, FAQ, and New Unit PDF

Bolt Action 2nd Edition index by The Demo Gamers

28 Jan 22 - Mariana & Palau Islands lists added.
19 Dec 21 - Italy: Soft Underbelly lists added.
10 Jul 21 - D-Day: US Sector lists added.
18 May 21 - D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors lists added (except Commandos).
22 Dec 20 - New feature! Output locked list as json data.
22 Dec 20 - New feature! Output list as cards.
06 Jul 20 - Campaign Stalingrad units and selectors added.

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