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NEW! September 2020 Bolt Action Errata, FAQ, and New Unit PDF

Bolt Action 2nd Edition index by The Demo Gamers
It's back!! The Where is it? page. Find books/selectors for given unit.

06 Jul 20 - Campaign Stalingrad units and selectors added.
22 Apr 20 - Lock list/Share URL added in View Output drop-down. Friends can view list with URL (until list is Unlocked).
22 Apr 20 - German Infrared Panther, Uhu, and NatchjÀgers from Armies of Germany (page 105) added to selectors.
22 Apr 20 - All new selectors from Fortress Budapest added.
21 Apr 20 - All new selectors from Battle of France added.
18 Apr 20 - All new selectors from D-Day: Overlord added.

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