Armies of Great Britain1945 - Into The ReichM24 Chaffee
Armies of Great BritainBritish Reinforced PlatoonM24 Chaffee
DefianceBritish (Revised)M24 Chaffee
DefianceBritish AirborneM24 Chaffee
DefianceBritish Heavy InfantryM24 Chaffee
DefianceCanadianM24 Chaffee
KoreaChinese Offensive and the UN Counter OffensiveM24 Chaffee Light Tank
KoreaDefence of Pusan/Advance Across the 38th ParallelM24 Chaffee Light Tank
KoreaInchon Landing/Crossing of 38th ParallelM24 Chaffee Light Tank
KoreaJuly 1951 through 1953M24 Chaffee Light Tank
KoreaRepublic of Korea Reinforced PlatoonM24 Chaffee Light Tank
ResurgenceBritish Tank PlatoonM24 Chaffee
Tank WarsBritish Tank PlatoonM24 Chaffee
Version 3 (preliminary)** VERSION 3 ** - British - Armoured PlatoonM24 Chaffee