Armies of Great Britain1942-45 - BurmaFlamethrower team
Armies of Great Britain1943-45 Australian Jungle DivisionFlamethrower team
New Guinea1943-45 Australian Jungle DivisionFlamethrower team
Armies of Great Britain1944 - NormandyFlamethrower team
Armies of Great Britain1945 - Into The ReichFlamethrower team
Italy: Soft Underbelly201st GuardsFlamethrower team
Italy: Soft Underbelly8th Indian DivisionFlamethrower team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyA ForceFlamethrower team
New GuineaAustralian Reinforced PlatoonFlamethrower team
New GuineaAustralian Tank PlatoonFlamethrower team
Market GardenBritish or Polish ParatroopFlamethrower team
Armies of Great BritainBritish Reinforced PlatoonFlamethrower team
Tank WarsBritish Tank PlatoonFlamethrower team
D-Day: OverlordBritish/Canadian Beach AssaultFlamethrower team
D-Day: OverlordBritish/Canadian D-Day (Off the Beaches)Flamethrower team
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsCanadian Airborne 1944-45Flamethrower team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyCanadian First DivisionFlamethrower team
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsCanadian Infantry Division 1943-44Flamethrower team
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsCanadian Infantry Division 1945Flamethrower team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyEight Army (Sicily)Flamethrower team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyEighth Army (Italy, 1943)Flamethrower team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyTermoli Assault ForceFlamethrower team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyX CorpsFlamethrower team