Armies of Great Britain1940-41 - East AfricaSniper team
Armies of Great Britain1940-41 - Operation CompassSniper team
Western Desert1940-42 Commonwealth Infantry BrigadeSniper team
Armies of Great Britain1940-43 - Behind Enemy LinesSniper team
Armies of Great Britain1942 - Operation LightfootSniper team
New Guinea1942 Australian ArmySniper team
Armies of Great Britain1942 Australian Reinforced PlatoonSniper team
Armies of Great Britain1942-43 - TunisiaSniper team
Armies of Great Britain1942-45 - BurmaSniper team
Armies of Great Britain1943-45 Australian Jungle DivisionSniper team
New Guinea1943-45 Australian Jungle DivisionSniper team
Armies of Great Britain1944 - Monte CassinoSniper team
Armies of Great Britain1944 - NormandySniper team
Armies of Great Britain1945 - Into The ReichSniper team
Italy: Soft Underbelly1st Airborne (Primosole Bridge)Sniper team
Italy: Soft Underbelly201st GuardsSniper team
Market Garden21st Independent CompanySniper team
Italy: Soft Underbelly8th Indian DivisionSniper team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyA ForceSniper team
New GuineaAustralian Imperial ForceSniper team
New GuineaAustralian Kanga ForceSniper team
New GuineaAustralian Reinforced PlatoonSniper team
New GuineaAustralian Tank PlatoonSniper team
Germany Strikes!British 1st Army Tank BrigadeSniper team
D-Day: OverlordBritish 6th AirborneSniper team
Market GardenBritish Airlanding PlatoonSniper team
Market GardenBritish or Polish ParatroopSniper team
Armies of Great BritainBritish Reinforced PlatoonSniper team
Tank WarsBritish Tank PlatoonSniper team
D-Day: OverlordBritish/Canadian Beach AssaultSniper team
D-Day: OverlordBritish/Canadian D-Day (Off the Beaches)Sniper team
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsCanadian Army 1939-42Sniper team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyCanadian First DivisionSniper team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyChavasse ForceSniper team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyCommando/RMC Troop (Sicily and Salerno)Sniper team
New GuineaDefence of Milne BaySniper team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyEight Army (Sicily)Sniper team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyEighth Army (Italy, 1943)Sniper team
Battle of FranceFrankforceSniper team
Market GardenGlider Pilot RegimentSniper team
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsLate-War British Machine-gun Reinforced PlatoonSniper team
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsLateWar Allied Armoured Division NW Europe PlatoonSniper team
D-Day: OverlordMerville Assault (Historical)Sniper team
D-Day: OverlordMerville Assault (Planned)Sniper team
Armies of Great BritainPolish 1st Armoured Division (unofficial)Sniper team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyTermoli Assault ForceSniper team
Italy: Soft UnderbellyX CorpsSniper team