Western Desert1940 Western DesertCaptain
Armies of Great Britain1940-41 - East AfricaCaptain
Armies of Great Britain1940-41 - Operation CompassCaptain
Western Desert1940-41 British Armoured BrigadeCaptain
Western Desert1940-42 Commonwealth Infantry BrigadeCaptain
Armies of Great Britain1940-43 - Behind Enemy LinesCaptain
Armies of Great Britain1942 - Operation LightfootCaptain
New Guinea1942 Australian ArmyCaptain
Armies of Great Britain1942 Australian Reinforced PlatoonCaptain
Western Desert1942 British Armoured BrigadeCaptain
Armies of Great Britain1942-43 - TunisiaCaptain
Armies of Great Britain1942-45 - BurmaCaptain
Armies of Great Britain1943-45 Australian Jungle DivisionCaptain
New Guinea1943-45 Australian Jungle DivisionCaptain
Armies of Great Britain1944 - Monte CassinoCaptain
Armies of Great Britain1944 - NormandyCaptain
Armies of Great Britain1945 - Into The ReichCaptain
Italy: Soft Underbelly1st Airborne (Primosole Bridge)Captain
Italy: Soft Underbelly201st GuardsCaptain
Market Garden21st Independent CompanyCaptain
Italy: Soft Underbelly8th Indian DivisionCaptain
Italy: Soft UnderbellyA ForceCaptain
Market GardenAirborne Reconnaissance TroopCaptain
New GuineaAustralian Imperial ForceCaptain
New GuineaAustralian Kanga ForceCaptain
New GuineaAustralian Reinforced PlatoonCaptain
Germany Strikes!British 1st Army Tank BrigadeCaptain
D-Day: OverlordBritish 6th AirborneCaptain
Market GardenBritish Airlanding PlatoonCaptain
Market GardenBritish or Polish ParatroopCaptain
Armies of Great BritainBritish Reinforced PlatoonCaptain
v2 RulebookBritish rule book units onlyCaptain
Tank WarsBritish Tank PlatoonCaptain
D-Day: OverlordBritish/Canadian Beach AssaultCaptain
D-Day: OverlordBritish/Canadian D-Day (Off the Beaches)Captain
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsBritish/Canadian Self-Propelled Artillery PlatoonCaptain
Italy: Soft UnderbellyCanadian First DivisionCaptain
Italy: Soft UnderbellyChavasse ForceCaptain
Italy: Soft UnderbellyCommando/RMC Troop (Sicily and Salerno)Captain
New GuineaDefence of Milne BayCaptain
Italy: Soft UnderbellyEight Army (Sicily)Captain
Italy: Soft UnderbellyEighth Army (Italy, 1943)Captain
Battle of FranceFrankforceCaptain
Market GardenGlider Pilot RegimentCaptain
Battle of FranceGrenadier GuardsCaptain
Market GardenGuards Division BattlegroupCaptain
Western DesertJock ColumnCaptain
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsLateWar Allied Armoured Division NW Europe PlatoonCaptain
D-Day: OverlordMerville Assault (Historical)Captain
D-Day: OverlordMerville Assault (Planned)Captain
Italy: Soft UnderbellyTermoli Assault ForceCaptain
Italy: Soft UnderbellyX CorpsCaptain