Armies of Germany1942 - Operation BlueRaupenschlepper Ost
Armies of Germany1942 - Stalingrad, Death on the VolgaRaupenschlepper Ost
Armies of Germany1943 - Operation CitadelRaupenschlepper Ost
Armies of Germany1943-44 - Anti-partisan Security PatrolRaupenschlepper Ost
Armies of Germany1943-44 - Defense of ItalyRaupenschlepper Ost
Armies of Germany1944 - Defense of the EastRaupenschlepper Ost
Armies of Germany1944 - NormandyRaupenschlepper Ost
Armies of Germany1944-45 - Holding the West WallRaupenschlepper Ost
Armies of Germany1944-45 - Operation Watch on the RhineRaupenschlepper Ost
Armies of Germany1945 - Last LevyRaupenschlepper Ost
Armies of Germany1945 - Operation Spring AwakeningRaupenschlepper Ost
Stalingrad22nd Panzer Division Armoured PlatoonRaupenschlepper Ost
Stalingrad57th Panzer Corps Armoured PlatoonRaupenschlepper Ost
StalingradAlarmeinheitenRaupenschlepper Ost
Road to BerlinExtended Last LevyRaupenschlepper Ost
Road to BerlinForlorn HopeRaupenschlepper Ost
StalingradGates of StalingradRaupenschlepper Ost
Armies of GermanyGerman Reinforced PlatoonRaupenschlepper Ost
Tank WarsGerman Tank PlatoonRaupenschlepper Ost
Fortress BudapestHeavy Anti-aircraft Battery Reinforced PlatoonRaupenschlepper Ost
StalingradInto HellRaupenschlepper Ost
D-Day: US SectorLate-war Anti-tank GunRaupenschlepper Ost
Battle of the BulgeLate-War Fallschirmjäger (Panzer support)Raupenschlepper Ost
D-Day: US SectorLate-war Panzergrenadier HeavyRaupenschlepper Ost
StalingradOperation ThunderclapRaupenschlepper Ost
StalingradRattenkriegRaupenschlepper Ost
StalingradStalingrad Armoured KampfgruppeRaupenschlepper Ost
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsStatic Division Reinforced PlatoonRaupenschlepper Ost
Road to BerlinWarsaw UprisingRaupenschlepper Ost