Armies of Germany1939 - The September CampaignPanzer I
Armies of Germany1940 - The Battle of FrancePanzer I
Battle of France1940 Panzer DivisionPanzer I
Armies of Germany1941 - Operation BarbarossaPanzer I
Western Desert1941 DAK Armoured ReconnaissancePanzer I
Western Desert1941 DAK Light DivisionPanzer I
Western Desert1941 DAK Panzer Division Armoured PlatoonPanzer I
Armies of Germany1941-42 - Rommel TriumphantPanzer I
Armies of GermanyGerman Reinforced PlatoonPanzer I
Tank WarsGerman Tank PlatoonPanzer I
Battle of FranceKraftradschützen Reinforced PlatoonPanzer I