D-Day: Overlord100th Panzer Replacement and Training BattalionHeavy Artillery
D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors12th SS Panzer Regiment Armoured PlatoonHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1939 - The September CampaignHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1940 - The Battle of FranceHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1941 - Operation BarbarossaHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1942 - Operation BlueHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1942 - Stalingrad, Death on the VolgaHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1943 - Operation CitadelHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1943-44 - Defense of ItalyHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1944 - Atlantic Wall Resistance NestHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1944 - Defense of the EastHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1944 - NormandyHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1944-45 - Holding the West WallHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1944-45 - Operation Watch on the RhineHeavy Artillery
Fortress Budapest1944-45 Panzergrenadier Reinforced PlatoonHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1945 - Last LevyHeavy Artillery
Armies of Germany1945 - Operation Spring AwakeningHeavy Artillery
Stalingrad22nd Panzer Division Armoured PlatoonHeavy Artillery
Stalingrad57th Panzer Corps Armoured PlatoonHeavy Artillery
D-Day: Overlord91st Luftlande DivisionHeavy Artillery
Fortress BudapestBudapest Pocket Defenders (German & Hungarian)Heavy Artillery
Italy: Soft UnderbellyFallschirmjäger (Italy, 1943)Heavy Artillery
Road to BerlinForlorn HopeHeavy Artillery
StalingradGates of StalingradHeavy Artillery
Armies of GermanyGerman Reinforced PlatoonHeavy Artillery
Tank WarsGerman Tank PlatoonHeavy Artillery
Italy: Soft UnderbellyGrenadier (Italy, 1943)Heavy Artillery
Italy: Soft UnderbellyHermann Göring Division (Sicily and Salerno)Heavy Artillery
Battle of FranceInfantry Regiment 9 - PotsdamHeavy Artillery
Italy: Soft UnderbellyKampfgruppe SchmalzHeavy Artillery
Italy: Soft UnderbellyKampfgruppe West HGDHeavy Artillery
D-Day: OverlordOmaha Beach Resistance NestHeavy Artillery
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsPanzer-Lehr Normandy 1944Heavy Artillery
Italy: Soft UnderbellyPanzergrenadier (Italy, 1943)Heavy Artillery
Italy: Soft UnderbellyPanzergrenadier (Sicily)Heavy Artillery
Road to BerlinROA Reinforced PlatoonHeavy Artillery
StalingradStalingrad Armoured KampfgruppeHeavy Artillery
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsStatic Division Reinforced PlatoonHeavy Artillery
D-Day: OverlordStatic Division's Resistance NestHeavy Artillery
Road to BerlinWarsaw UprisingHeavy Artillery