KoreaAssault of Pusan/Defence of the 38th ParallelAssault Engineer Squad
KoreaChinese Offensive and the UN Counter OffensiveEngineer Squad
KoreaChinese Offensives - Through Spring 1951Assault Engineer Squad
KoreaDefence of Pusan/Advance Across the 38th ParallelEngineer Squad
KoreaInchon Landing/Crossing of 38th ParallelEngineer Squad
KoreaInvasion Reinforced PlatoonAssault Engineer Squad
KoreaInvasion Reinforced PlatoonEngineer Squad
KoreaJuly 1951 through 1953Assault Engineer Squad
KoreaJuly 1951 through 1953Engineer Squad
KoreaNorth Korean Reinforced PlatoonAssault Engineer Squad
KoreaRepublic of Korea Reinforced PlatoonEngineer Squad