Armies of Germany1939 - The September CampaignLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1940 - The Battle of FranceLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1941 - Operation BarbarossaLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1941 - Operation MercuryLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1941-42 - Rommel TriumphantLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1942 - Operation BlueLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1942 - Stalingrad, Death on the VolgaLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1942-43 - Rommel's DefeatLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1943 - Operation CitadelLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1943-44 - Anti-partisan Security PatrolLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1943-44 - Defense of ItalyLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1944 - Atlantic Wall Resistance NestLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1944 - Defense of the EastLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1944 - NormandyLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1944-45 - Holding the West WallLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1944-45 - Operation Watch on the RhineLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1945 - Last LevyLight Artillery
Armies of Germany1945 - Operation Spring AwakeningLight Artillery
Armies of GermanyGerman Reinforced PlatoonLight Artillery
Armies of GermanyGerman rule book units onlyLight Artillery
Armies of GermanyGerman Tank PlatoonLight Artillery
Battle of France1940 Panzer DivisionLight Artillery
Battle of FranceEarly War Anti-tank Gun PlatoonLight Artillery
Battle of FranceInfantry Regiment 9 - PotsdamLight Artillery
Battle of the BulgeKampfgruppe PeiperLight Artillery
Battle of the BulgeLate-War Fallschirmjäger (Independent)Light Artillery
Battle of the BulgeLate-War Fallschirmjäger (Panzer support)Light Artillery
D-Day: Overlord100th Panzer Replacement and Training BattalionLight Artillery
D-Day: Overlord21st Panzer Division Panzergrenadier (D-Day)Light Artillery
D-Day: Overlord91st Luftlande DivisionLight Artillery
D-Day: OverlordOmaha Beach Resistance NestLight Artillery
D-Day: OverlordStatic Division's Resistance NestLight Artillery
Duel in the SunFallschirmjäger PlatoonFallschirmjäger Light Artillery
Duel in the SunHermann Göring Division (Tunisia)Light Artillery
Fortress Budapest1944-45 Panzergrenadier Reinforced PlatoonLight Artillery
Fortress BudapestBudapest Pocket Defenders (German & Hungarian)Light Artillery
Konflikt '47 rule bookGermany (Revised)Light Artillery
Konflikt '47 rule bookGermany AirborneLight Artillery
Konflikt '47 rule bookGermany SS ShocktrooperLight Artillery
Market Garden6th Fallschirmjäger RegimentLight Artillery
Market GardenSchwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 559Light Artillery
Road to BerlinForlorn HopeLight Artillery
Road to BerlinROA Reinforced PlatoonLight Artillery
Road to BerlinWarsaw UprisingLight Artillery
Western Desert1941 DAK Anti-tank Gun PlatoonLight Artillery
Western Desert1941 DAK Armoured ReconnaissanceLight Artillery
Western Desert1941 DAK Light DivisionLight Artillery
Western Desert1941 DAK Panzer Division Armoured PlatoonLight Artillery
Western Desert1942 DAK Anti-tank Gun PlatoonLight Artillery
Western Desert1942 DAK Light Africa DivisionLight Artillery
Western Desert1942 DAK Panzer Division (Heavy)Light Artillery
Western Desert1942 DAK Panzer Division (Medium)Light Artillery