Armies of Germany1939 - The September CampaignFlamethrower team
Armies of Germany1940 - The Battle of FranceFlamethrower team
Armies of Germany1941 - Operation BarbarossaFlamethrower team
Armies of Germany1941 - Operation MercuryFlamethrower team
Armies of Germany1942 - Operation BlueFlamethrower team
Armies of Germany1942 - Stalingrad, Death on the VolgaFlamethrower team
Armies of Germany1943 - Operation CitadelFlamethrower team
Armies of Germany1943-44 - Anti-partisan Security PatrolFlamethrower team
Armies of Germany1944-45 - Operation Watch on the RhineFlamethrower team
Armies of GermanyGerman Reinforced PlatoonFlamethrower team
Armies of GermanyGerman Tank PlatoonFlamethrower team
Armies of GermanyPanzerbrigade 150Flamethrower team
Battle of FranceInfantry Regiment 9 - PotsdamFlamethrower team
Battle of the BulgeKampfgruppe PeiperFlamethrower team
Battle of the BulgeLate-War Fallschirmjäger (Independent)Flamethrower team
Battle of the BulgeLate-War Fallschirmjäger (Panzer support)Flamethrower team
Battle of the BulgePanzerbrigade 150Flamethrower team
Duel in the SunFallschirmjäger PlatoonFallschirmjäger Flamethrower team
Konflikt '47 rule bookGermany (Revised)Flamethrower team
Konflikt '47 rule bookGermany AirborneFlamethrower team
Konflikt '47 rule bookGermany Heavy InfantryFlamethrower team
Konflikt '47 rule bookGermany SS ShocktrooperFlamethrower team
Market GardenSchwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 559Flamethrower team
Road to BerlinForlorn HopeFlamethrower team
Road to BerlinROA Reinforced PlatoonFlamethrower team
Road to BerlinWarsaw UprisingFlamethrower team
Stalingrad22nd Panzer Division Armoured PlatoonFlamethrower team
Stalingrad57th Panzer Corps Armoured PlatoonFlamethrower team
StalingradAlarmeinheitenFlamethrower team
StalingradGates of StalingradFlamethrower team
StalingradInto HellFlamethrower team
StalingradOperation ThunderclapFlamethrower team
StalingradRattenkriegFlamethrower team
StalingradStalingrad Armoured KampfgruppeFlamethrower team