Armies of Germany1941 - Operation Mercury105mm LG40/1
Armies of Germany1941-42 - Rommel Triumphant105mm LG40/1
Armies of Germany1942-43 - Rommel's Defeat105mm LG40/1
Armies of GermanyGerman Reinforced Platoon105mm LG40/1
DefianceGermany (Revised)105mm LG40/1
DefianceGermany Heavy Infantry105mm LG40/1
DefianceGermany SS Shocktrooper105mm LG40/1
Duel in the SunFallschirmjäger PlatoonFallschirmjäger 105mm LG40/1
Duel in the SunHermann Göring Division (Tunisia)105mm LG40/1
Italy: Soft UnderbellyFallschirmjäger (Italy, 1943)105mm LG40/1
Italy: Soft UnderbellyHermann Göring Division (Sicily and Salerno)105mm LG40/1
ResurgenceGerman Tank Platoon105mm LG40/1
Tank WarsGerman Tank Platoon105mm LG40/1