Armies of Germany1939 - The September CampaignHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1940 - The Battle of FranceHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1941 - Operation BarbarossaHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1941 - Operation MercuryHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1941-42 - Rommel TriumphantHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1942 - Operation BlueHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1942 - Stalingrad, Death on the VolgaHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1942-43 - Rommel's DefeatHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1943 - Operation CitadelHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1943-44 - Anti-partisan Security PatrolHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1943-44 - Defense of ItalyHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1944 - Atlantic Wall Resistance NestHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1944 - Defense of the EastHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1944 - NormandyHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1944-45 - Holding the West WallHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1944-45 - Operation Watch on the RhineHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1945 - Last LevyHorse-drawn limber
Armies of Germany1945 - Operation Spring AwakeningHorse-drawn limber
Armies of GermanyGerman Reinforced PlatoonHorse-drawn limber
Battle of FranceEarly War Anti-tank Gun PlatoonHorse-drawn limber
Battle of FranceInfantry Regiment 9 - PotsdamHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors16. FD(L)Horse-drawn limber
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsLuftwaffe Defence ForceHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsLuftwaffe FD Machine Gun PlatoonHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsLuftwaffe Flak PlatoonHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsStatic Division Reinforced PlatoonHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: Overlord100th Panzer Replacement and Training BattalionHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: Overlord21st Panzer Division Panzergrenadier (D-Day)Horse-drawn limber
D-Day: Overlord91st Luftlande DivisionHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: OverlordKampfgruppe OppelnHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: OverlordOmaha Beach Resistance NestHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: OverlordStatic Division's Resistance NestHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: US Sector116th Panzer Division Panzer GrenadierHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: US Sector17th SS PanzergrenadierHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: US Sector17th SS PanzerkompanieHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: US SectorDefence of ParisHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: US SectorDefenders of Cherbourg 1944Horse-drawn limber
D-Day: US SectorLate-war Anti-tank GunHorse-drawn limber
D-Day: US SectorLate-war Panzergrenadier HeavyHorse-drawn limber
Duel in the SunFallschirmjäger PlatoonHorse-drawn limber
Duel in the SunHermann Göring Division (Tunisia)Horse-drawn limber
Market GardenSchwere Panzerjäger Abteilung 559Horse-drawn limber
Road to BerlinExtended Last LevyHorse-drawn limber
Road to BerlinForlorn HopeHorse-drawn limber
Road to BerlinROA Reinforced PlatoonHorse-drawn limber
Road to BerlinWarsaw UprisingHorse-drawn limber
Stalingrad22nd Panzer Division Armoured PlatoonHorse-drawn limber
Stalingrad57th Panzer Corps Armoured PlatoonHorse-drawn limber
StalingradAlarmeinheitenHorse-drawn limber
StalingradGates of StalingradHorse-drawn limber
StalingradInto HellHorse-drawn limber
StalingradOperation ThunderclapHorse-drawn limber
StalingradRattenkriegHorse-drawn limber
StalingradStalingrad Armoured KampfgruppeHorse-drawn limber
Tank WarsGerman Tank PlatoonHorse-drawn limber
Western Desert1941 DAK Anti-tank Gun PlatoonHorse-drawn limber