Armies of Great Britain1940 - Dad's ArmyRecce Carrier 
Armies of Great Britain1940 - Fall of FranceRecce Carrier 
Armies of Great Britain1940-41 - Operation CompassRecce Carrier
Armies of Great Britain1942 - Operation LightfootRecce Carrier
Armies of Great Britain1942-43 - TunisiaRecce Carrier
Armies of Great Britain1942-45 - BurmaRecce Carrier
Armies of Great Britain1944 - Monte CassinoRecce Carrier
Armies of Great Britain1944 - NormandyRecce Carrier
Armies of Great Britain1945 - Into The ReichRecce Carrier
Armies of Great BritainBritish Reinforced PlatoonRecce Carrier
Armies of Great BritainNormandy Royal Marine Commando TroopRecce Carrier
Armies of Great BritainPolish 1st Armoured Division (unofficial)Recce Carrier
Armies of the Soviet UnionSoviet Reinforced PlatoonRecce Carrier
Battle of FranceBEF Motorcycle PlatoonRecce Carrier
Battle of FranceFrankforceRecce Carrier
Battle of FranceGrenadier GuardsRecce Carrier
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsBritish/Canadian Self-Propelled Artillery PlatoonRecce Carrier
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsCanadian Airborne 1944-45Recce Carrier
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsCanadian Army 1939-42Recce Carrier
D-Day: British & Canadian SectorsLateWar Allied Armoured Division NW Europe PlatoonRecce Carrier
D-Day: OverlordBritish/Canadian D-Day (Off the Beaches)Recce Carrier
Italy: Soft Underbelly8th Indian DivisionRecce Carrier
Italy: Soft UnderbellyA ForceRecce Carrier
Italy: Soft UnderbellyCanadian First DivisionRecce Carrier
Italy: Soft UnderbellyChavasse ForceRecce Carrier
Italy: Soft UnderbellyCommando/RMC Troop (Sicily and Salerno)Recce Carrier
Italy: Soft UnderbellyEight Army (Sicily)Recce Carrier
Italy: Soft UnderbellyEighth Army (Italy, 1943)Recce Carrier
Italy: Soft UnderbellyNo. 1 Demolition SquadronRecce Carrier
Italy: Soft UnderbellyTermoli Assault ForceRecce Carrier
Italy: Soft UnderbellyX CorpsRecce Carrier
New GuineaAustralian Imperial ForceRecce Carrier
Sea LionCoastal Defence Reinforced Platoon (Home Guard)Recce Carrier
Sea LionCoastal Defence Reinforced Platoon (Regular)Recce Carrier
Sea LionRegular Army Infantry Reinforced PlatoonRecce Carrier
Sea LionRegular Army Reinforced Tank PlatoonRecce Carrier
Tank WarsBritish Tank PlatoonRecce Carrier
Western Desert1940-41 British Armoured BrigadeRecce Carrier
Western Desert1940-42 Commonwealth Infantry BrigadeRecce Carrier
Western Desert1942 British Armoured BrigadeRecce Carrier
Western DesertFree French Reinforced PlatoonRecce Carrier
Western DesertJock ColumnRecce Carrier