Armies of Italy and the Axis1940-41: The Invasion of GreeceMedic
Armies of Italy and the Axis1940-43: The War in AfricaMedic
Armies of Italy and the Axis1941-43: The Eastern FrontMedic
Armies of Italy and the Axis1943: The Defence of SicilyMedic
Armies of Italy and the AxisItalian Reinforced PlatoonMedic
Battle of FranceItalian Army Group WestMedic
DefianceItalian Reinforced Platoon (ECI)Medic
DefianceItalian Reinforced Platoon (ENR)Medic
Italy: Soft UnderbellyDivisione CostieraMedic
Italy: Soft UnderbellyFucilieri Reinforced PlatoonMedic
Italy: Soft UnderbellyGruppo Mobili CarriMedic
Italy: Soft UnderbellyGruppo TatticoMedic
Italy: Soft UnderbellyX Reggimento ArditiMedic
ResurgenceItalian Tank PlatoonMedic
Tank WarsItalian Tank PlatoonMedic
Western Desert1940-41 Italian Armoured BrigadeMedic
Western Desert1942 AS42 Reinforced Infantry PlatoonMedic
Western Desert1942 Bersaglieri MG PlatoonMedic
Western Desert1942 Folgore ParacadutistiMedic
Western Desert1942 Italian Armoured BrigadeMedic